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Using AWS Without a Credit Card

Using AWS Without a Credit Card

Understanding AWS Account Requirements

When signing up for an AWS account, Amazon typically requires a credit card to verify the user’s identity and to ensure payment for any services used beyond the free tier limits. This verification step involves a minimal transaction, which is temporarily held and then refunded​ (Stack Overflow)​​ (AzureLessons)​. However, there are specific scenarios and programs that allow users to access AWS without a credit card.

Using a Debit Card

One of the most straightforward alternatives to using a credit card is to use a debit card. AWS accepts debit cards from various issuers, making it accessible to individuals who may not possess a credit card. During the sign-up process, you can enter your debit card details in the billing information section​ (AzureLessons)​. This method works similarly to using a credit card, where a small amount is temporarily held for verification purposes.

AWS Educate Program

For students and educators, AWS offers the AWS Educate program, which provides free access to AWS services and training resources without requiring a credit card. The AWS Educate program is designed to offer cloud computing learning resources to pre-professional learners globally. Users need only a valid email address issued by their educational institution to sign up​ (Amazon Web Services, Inc.)​.

AWS Educate provides access to various AWS services, hands-on labs, and educational content tailored to different learning levels. This program is ideal for students looking to gain practical experience with AWS technologies without the need for a credit card or any financial commitment.

AWS Free Tier and Always Free Offers

AWS offers a Free Tier that allows new users to access a range of AWS services for free within certain usage limits for the first 12 months. Additionally, AWS provides “Always Free” offers that include services with no expiration, as long as usage stays within the specified limits. While signing up for the Free Tier typically requires a credit card or debit card for verification, users can avoid unexpected charges by carefully monitoring their usage and setting up billing alerts​ (Stack Overflow)​.

Using AWS Without Any Card: AWS Educate Starter Account

The AWS Educate Starter Account is another viable option for those who do not have access to credit or debit cards. This account type is particularly aimed at students and provides a subset of AWS services with a certain amount of credit that can be used for free. The starter account is managed by third parties like Qwiklabs and Vocareum, which means users do not need to provide any payment information directly to AWS​ (Amazon Web Services, Inc.)​.

Steps to Sign Up for AWS Using a Debit Card

  1. Navigate to AWS Free Tier Signup Page: Open your browser and go to the AWS Free Tier signup page.
  2. Create a Free Account: Click on the “Create a Free Account” button.
  3. Provide Basic Information: Enter your email address, password, and AWS account name.
  4. Contact Information: Fill in your full name, phone number, country, and address.
  5. Billing Information: Select “Debit Card” and provide your card details.
  6. Identity Verification: Enter the OTP received on your mobile for identity verification.
  7. Choose a Plan: Select the Basic (Free) plan to start using AWS without any cost.

Monitoring and Managing Your AWS Usage

To ensure you do not incur unexpected charges, it is essential to monitor your AWS usage. AWS provides tools like AWS Budgets and billing alerts that help you keep track of your consumption and alert you when you approach the free tier limits. Setting up these alerts can prevent any surprise charges and help you manage your usage effectively​ (Stack Overflow)​.

AWS Credits and Promotional Offers

Another way to use AWS services without a credit card is by leveraging AWS credits and promotional offers. AWS frequently provides credits through various programs, events, and promotions, which can be applied to your account to offset any usage costs. For example, startups can benefit from AWS Activate, which offers credits and resources to help them get started with AWS​ (AzureLessons)​.


While AWS typically requires a credit card for account creation, there are several alternatives and programs available for those without access to credit cards. Using a debit card, leveraging the AWS Educate program, and taking advantage of AWS credits are effective ways to use AWS without a credit card. By understanding these options and carefully managing your usage, you can make the most of AWS’s powerful cloud computing services without financial constraints.

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